Dope biscuits - year of the biscuit

As of January 2017, the most watched videos on the Rhett & Link channel are "Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek" with over 37 million views, followed by "My OCD (Song)" with over 38 million views, and "I'm On Vacation (Song)" with over 26 million views. The most watched videos on the Good Mythical Morning channel are "Eating a Scorpion - Bug War Challenge" with over 26 million views, "The Most Amazing Optical Illusions on the Internet," with over 22 million views and "World's Hottest Pepper Challenge - Carolina Reaper" with over 22 million views.

“Finally,” Gordon said. “I’ve been with him three years and he’s been pissed off. For him to finally have a smile on his face, have a little charisma about himself and stop being so monotone all the time, it’s pretty cool.”

Danielle McLaughlin, a director of communications for Food Network, said selection of restaurants varies by show. Producers research and contact restaurants based on a program's premise.

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  • Abyssinian Tea.
  • African Salad.
  • Catha.
  • Chat.
  • Cat.
  • Oat.

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Dope Biscuits - Year Of The BiscuitDope Biscuits - Year Of The BiscuitDope Biscuits - Year Of The BiscuitDope Biscuits - Year Of The Biscuit