Don bowman - recorded almost live

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Part I lists the original recordings (52 original LPs or video), re-edited material containing tracks not previously released or original material on CD not previously released. Each individual titles is linked to a descriptive section containing as much informations as possible about the original recording; this description is cross-linked to available CDs actually on the market (December 1999) in North America or Western Europe. Great care have been taken to prevent misinformations and a large part of the data originates from records themselves (although often not as reliable as it should be). If the recording was not available, the content originates from usual sources (periodicals such as The Gramophone (and the Catalogue), Diapason (and the Catalogue), Bielefelder Katalog, Notes, and Fanfare, etc.). Alas ! if all this failed, reference was made to the french book "Diapason - Guide de la musique ancienne et baroque" (Coll. Bouquins, Robert Laffond, 1993) [GMAB]; although impressive in term of quality and amount of content, readers should be careful about many recording dates listed. Also data has been re-checked using the Indiana University Library excellent database [IUCAT]. For those interested in discography of medieval and renaissance period, they should refer to the following three publications:

However, his songwriting continued to be successful, as he wrote songs for Etta James , Otis Redding , Little Richard (his 1965 hit, "I Don't Know What You Got but It's Got Me"), and notably Aretha Franklin , who had a hit in 1968 with " Chain of Fools ", a song Covay had written some fifteen years earlier. Franklin won a Grammy for her performance. [4] Over the years Covay's compositions have been recorded by such varied artists as Gene Vincent , Wanda Jackson , Connie Francis , Steppenwolf , Bobby Womack , the Rolling Stones, Wilson Pickett, Small Faces , Grant Green , and Peter Wolf , among others. [ citation needed ]

Don Bowman - Recorded Almost LiveDon Bowman - Recorded Almost LiveDon Bowman - Recorded Almost LiveDon Bowman - Recorded Almost Live